Migaloo Ecosystem

White Whale Protocol

White Whale is the premier multi-chain token exchange and flash loan provider.

Eris Protocol

Eris Protocol is a major multi-chain liquid staking, arbitrage, and yield-strategy protocol.


The Gravedigger is a unique multi-chain Liquid Staking Protocol that is fully community-owned, driving back revenue to NFTs, Liquidity, and the SOUL token.

Racoon Bet

Racoon Bet is the most widely used gaming and gambling application in the cosmos, featuring exciting games like Slots, Dice, Lottery, and Dungeon.


Ginkou, the Bank of Alliance, is a money market allowing users to earn a yield on their stablecoins by facilitating users to borrow against their collateral assets.


Spark is a donation, launchpad, and yield-campaign platform providing sustainable income for public goods and kickstarting growth for ambitious endeavors.

Shark Protocol

Shark Protocol is the first market prediction platform enabling users to bet on price movement where everyone can be the house and profit.

NFT Switch

NFT-Switch is the trusted, decentralized NFT peer-to-peer brokerage platform empowering collectors to trade NFTs how they see fit.


Pioneering the concept of yield-bearing NFTs, the Necrpolis offers exciting opportunities for artists, collectors, traders, and yield farmers across multiple chains.